The workhorse of the framework. TARA core enables you to perform no-code testing. It gives you the building blocks to run your own custom test cases and see the results instantly.

Our smart tooling automatically identifies relevant fields while also allowing you to enter desired data at every step. Upon completion, a detailed report is created, making your tests audit-proof.

TARA core works with all web applications and since it’s automated, you can run tests whenever you want.


A simple, effective web-based automated testing application for creating and maintaining your tests and test sets. With TARA studio, you don’t have to maintain multiple test files in a file directory, enabling seamless test case administration.

Our tooling allows you to quickly create and automatically execute user-designed tests, and our purpose-built TARA Action Library simulates real user mouse clicks and keyboard strokes.


Reporting Dashboard

Design once, run as many times as you need, and customise your reports. Our reporting dashboard gives you better test result reporting with measurable metrics and meta data.

Making use of third-party tools, our reporting is flexible and can produce separate reports for different areas of your business.


Reliability and adaptability are crucial in software testing. Our framework gives you the ability to add new functionality to host programmes via plugins. All without altering the host programme itself.

Why you should automate testing

Faster turnaround with lower costs. And with as few errors as possible. That’s what today’s business environment demands of software testing.

Automation increases efficiency, creating reliable testing across any software application. No matter how many times you test. In short, it’s an efficient way to reduce costly errors and speed up your time-to-market.

Our solutions are also no-code and work right out of the box with all eFront versions.




Testing software should be simple, fast, and reliable. Our Test and Robotic Automation (TARA) framework requires no coding and can be used with any web-based application in any sector. Leaving you with optimised software testing, higher quality software, and more time to focus on your core business. Fill in the form below and let us show you the difference TARA can make. 

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