3 September 2021

European Boutique consulting firm LeadingMile hires former Hong Kong based Alternative Investment specialist: Chi Leung Mak

34-year-old Mak has started working for LeadingMile’s UK office since the beginning of this month, bringing with him senior experience in Asset Management and Alternative Investments. Chi Leung is an experienced Business Analyst and Consultant, specializing in alternative investments and real estate investments. He has been in managerial roles in the investment and real estate industry for over 5 years.

Mak is a charter holder in both CAIA and CFA and also has an actuarial bachelor, making him an ideal analyst for complex change in the alternative investment area. “My working motto is “be water” says Chi Leung “I believe the key to deliver change is being adaptive and flexible, like water.”

“We are delighted to welcome Chi Leung to our growing London-based team,” said Lloyd Dean, Country Director UK for LeadingMile Consulting.

Mak will focus on helping clients in the alternative investment and broader wealth management sector by facilitating change. “Organizations within the (Alternative) investment space have challenges in front of them regarding complex change which requires industry-specific knowledge. Chi Leung brings that experience and skillset along with his overall ability to analyze and visualize relevant data.” adds Dean.

LeadingMile is a dynamic, full-service consultancy firm specialising in solution implementation. Their focus is namely on the alternative investment sector, also serving the wider financial industry, including businesses in the asset management, wealth, pension, banking, and insurance sectors. LeadingMile’s consultants cover data, technology, strategy, business change, and  testing, and bring the right sensitivity to problem-solving and solution provision. 

As seasoned alternative investment professionals, LeadingMile brings exceptional human capital, services, and technology to meet wide-ranging business and IT needs, whether it is system implementation, business intelligence, data migration, project management, BPO and Asset Based Consulting.

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