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Adaptive thinking to solve problems

Throughout our years consulting in financial services, we’ve come to see the key to successful projects is in applying both soft and knowledge-based skill sets. Adaptive thinking to solve problems isn’t enough: we have to know how to apply the best solution. That’s what gets the job done faster, more accurately. This is an exceptional ask, that requires extraordinary people.

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Everything that will make you thrive as a professional is waiting for you in Amsterdam. Currently Amsterdam is one of the major start-up scenes in Europe and Amsterdam has always been leading in innovation. More than 180 nationalities make up the Amsterdam workforce and at LeadingMile we already have many nationalities present and over 10 languages spoken. Adding to the diverse Dutch workforce, Amsterdam has great public transportation with buses, metros and trams available to take you to your destination in rapid fashion. When you join the LeadingMile family, you will work from our offices which are based in the main financial district of The Netherlands, the Amsterdam Zuidas. Here, major players in the financial industry are based.

Dutch Work Life Balance

The Dutch Work Life balance is a major factor in why expats choose Amsterdam to live and work. Many companies like our own are flexible towards those who do not want to work flexible hours and office days are not bound by a typical 9 to 5. In contradiction to other countries, the Dutch rely on the discipline of their employees and most managers stay away from micro-managing. This empowers employees to maintain a certain amount of independence and develop leadership/management skills due to the responsibilities one is given.
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The Netherlands, a place where everything is in place to achieve greatness;

Historically, Amsterdam has always played a leading part in the financial services industry. In 1602, the city was the first to introduce an open options market. Furthermore, the Dutch banks are traditionally leading in innovations such as online and mobile banking.

In the modern day and age, The Dutch finance sector is home to 200,000 employees with an additional 20,000 people working in FinTech. The large majority of these jobs are based in Amsterdam, just as most of the headquarters of major Dutch banks. Abroad the importance of Amsterdam as a FinTech capital is also recognized, with more than 50 major international banks having their office in Amsterdam.

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No typical 9 -5 working hours. Many employers like ourselves are flexible with working hours.

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